Fres Attack

Fres Attack is pretty old and all in Mode 2. That's quite strange, because in Mode 2 you'll see only two colors on the screen! The game is very fast and a lot of space crafts to destroy. There are four long levels and you can also play a random mode. In this mode there will appear space craft formations from the first three levels.

Something else? Hmmm. There are nice and big end bosses. In the first level you have to destroy a gigantic space station - something like a Borg space craft - and in the other three levels you'll find two bosses. For example the 'Manta 2000', 'Oldman' (Big rotating space bowl), a dragon and the spectacular appeareance of 'The cold one' (der Kalte). That's the bad guy in Fres Attack.

If you like shoot'em'ups you should have a look at Fres Attack!

Download (German Version): Fres Attack (