Fres Fighter II Turbo

Fres Fighter II Turbo is a real beat'em'up for one or two players. We wanted to show, that it's possible to make something like Street Fighter on the CPC. Because of the brief memory of the CPC the graphics are compressed in the memory and the game decompresses them while fighting. Every fighter needs 36k of memory, two screens need 32k and the small rest is needed by Bollaware's Operating System (BOS) and the game-code.

The game has six different characters: There are six different background pictures with special effects: The game has a bunch of cheat modes and two games in the game. The first one is pretty small and just for fun and the other is a complete two player jump'n'run from older days!
You can play Fres Fighter with up to 16 people and there are different game modes: Single Battle (one or two players), Championship (for more players also), an Arcade mode and a special Survival mode if you play alone. In the Survival mode you'll always get back only a small amount of energie after a fight - so be careful!
Fres Fighter II Turbo was our last project on the CPC. Therefore we tried to do a good job and so the game has a nice intro and extro...
The music was created by Tom & Jerry. Thanks!

Here are some nice screenshots of 'Fres Fighter II Turbo':

Download (English Version):
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